Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Last Day Before...

...The hard work begins.

Hello Ladies. How are you all?? Thank you for all of the congratulations and happy thoughts!! it is the most amazing news ever and I'm really glad to be able to share it with you. I'm going to take loads of pictures for you all, so that you can see how it goes. ohhh, i forgot one important thing when i posted yesterday...El and I are going to call the shop StuffedNonsense...its the name that we use for all the stuff we make and its the name of our folksy shop so we've just decided to carry it over. Sound O.K.?

Soo Today is my last day of sitting last day of rest!! Which means
Lots of lovely cups of tea...

Yummy cream cakes...

Sitting on the sofa by the wide open sash window enjoying the breeze and the story...

And going to see 65 Days of Static this evening with friends....perfect!!

As of tomorrow every spare bit of time is going to be taken up with stitching, organising and probably pulling my hair out! everything is going to come together really quickly...Arth and i will be moving house end of June/start of July, the next craft fair is on the 4th of July, El and I can move into our shop by the 6th of July!!PHEW!!! i hope its not too much...i think it will be O.K. Me and El have lots of people to help us!!
Right Then, I'm off to enjoy Sunday (and perhaps a nap....i got in late last night and danced the night away so I'm in need of a few more zzzz's i think!)
Take Care


  1. StuffedNonsense sounds like a great name for a shop to me. Enjoy your last day of freedom!

    Mel xxx

  2. You enjoy the rest Missy!! Love the name xx

  3. I think StuffedNonsense is a fab name - I loved it when I originally hear your folksy shop was called that. Enjoy your rest and enjoy all that crafting :o)

  4. Oh so so jealous of you going to see 65 days didn't even know they were playing near by...haven't seen them for ages...have a super super time...I have no doubt they will be amazing. x

  5. Good luck with the shop bex, I would love to have my own little shop, i like the name stuffed nonsense it sounds funky and different! xx