Sunday, 10 May 2009

Lovely Lovely Swap Goodness!!

Afternoon my lovelies. How are you all?? I'm sat writing this on the sofa enjoying a rest after walking up the race course for the car boot fair (not an amazing one this time....some rick rack and four special buttons...but i had fun so I'm not going to complain!)

My day off yesterday went a bit wrong. Arth and I were going to go to Cirencester so i could take some pictures of the StuffedNonsense stock in MADE...we decided to catch the bus from a different stop (one closer to our house) but the silly thing never turned up...well i say was half an hour late by the time we decided to give up. I'm 100% sure we weren't being stupid and waiting at the wrong bus stop i checked about a million times!! So we had to change our plans.Instead we went to the Curious Cafe for Lunch which was scrummy, but i still felt a little disappointed for the rest of the day...i really fancied a trip to Ciren...grrrrr.

But i soon cheered up when i got my swap parcel from Steph !!! I loved everything in it.....
A lovely big pincushion...its so lovely i don't want to put my grotty old pins in it...i might have to get some pretty pearly ones to go in it!!

An awesome necklace!! with really bright buttons and crochet rings and balls. (my camera didn't want to play when i took this pick!) but trust me it is wonderful!! it went straight round my neck!!

The most amazing corsage brooch!! the colour matches my coat perfectly and it is sooo soft! i love the texture that the green wool on the bottom gives the whole brooch!! i kept stroking it yesterday!

And a crochet kit. id mentioned on Steph's blog that i wanted to learn how to crochet as my Nana (my dads grandma) was a master of it and used to crochet granny squares until the cows came home!! I'm going to knuckle down one evening and try and figure it out!

Thank you soo much Steph...i loved every item you sent!!

I had another go at the plush toy i made in the last post (i wasn't happy with the size of the head on the first one) I'm a lot happier with this one...i like its little french knot eyes and its small smile...

I'm definatly going to make some more...but I'm faced with a dilemma now....what should i call them???Any ideas??

Lastly i also messed around in my scrap box and came up with this little piece of patchwork, i followed instructions in one of my old sew hip magazines.... its pretty small (about the size of a coaster), so its not practical for all that much. i was thinking of sewing it onto a card for my mum...its her birthday soon and i thought it might look quite striking if it was backed onto a cream color?
Right...I'm a bit engrossed in a book at the mo' (which is good...i haven't read anything in a while!!!) so I'm going to leave you to you Sunday afternoon...Ive got work at 6 on the new Ben and Jerry's ice cream counter...yummy!!!
Take Care
P.S. i almost forgot i saw Coraline the other week. Neil Gaiman is my favorite author so i was really worried about this adaptation but OH MY GOD!!! this film was amazing. anyone who has an appreciation for craft and hand made items would really enjoy it!! especially the bit at the start!!!


  1. Need to see the movie, I was a big Neil Gaiman/Sandman fan when it first came out, I still have a stack of the original comics in a box (one of the many things I wont part with) but I have never read any of his books, really should. Bx

  2. Glad, you liked your goodies !...spotted a typo in my instructions for a treble crochet - so apologies - there's a " 2 " missing which needs to go before the first time you read "loop" - hope that makes sense ! Lovely crazy patchwork too :)

  3. I liked your little softie before but now I love this one. I will have a think about names...
    Loving the patchwork too.