Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Buttons Anyone??

Righto...i promised a more coherent post yesterday so this is my attempt...(although I've just finished a ten hour shift at work so i don't hold out any hopes!!)
i thought id show you a few snaps of the great buttons i got at the auction on Monday...these are just a few of the good ones!!
some pretty flower buttons...

some fairly old wooden ones which make me think of ties..

some rather smart metal ones...
lots of these shank buttons...the smaller ones make me think of trifles...
And some absolutely beautiful glass ones, there were ten of the big hexagon ones you can see at the back.

It was the first Craft Night in last night i new it would be a bit quiet as it was the first one...this one was but it still went well so i booked the next one for the 27th of June...if anyone wants to come.
OK...I'm going to go and count down the minutes until Arthur gets back from work...hes bringing me some takeaway food...naughty i know but there is nothing in the house and im starving!!
I'll be back in soon with some pictures of the bits i took from the old annuals i got at the auction!
Take Care


  1. Oh wow! You certainly got a good haul there :D I really love those wooden ones and the way you describe them - i can see exactly what you mean about the ties :D

    ..10 hours? nuts. :o

  2. What a great win at the auction - lovely buttons :)