Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Most Amasingly Fabulous News!!!.....EVER!!

Thank you for your lovely supportive comments on my last ,rather undescriptive, post
Well...its offical from the 6th of July El and I will have a shop!!!!!!!!!
its a sub let property. we are renting it off of the lovely Ben who rents the whole building, his shop is downstairs and its called Proud Lion (its an awesome comic shop). Entrance to our shop is through Proud Lion. We have the WHOLE of the top floor which is a lovely size, not to big not to small.
Here's the best part, the first 3 months are rent free and then after that it is £200 a month. now i think this is a deal too good to pass up. i doubt that we would find another place like this for as cheap, and there's also the bonus of having a landlord who we kind of know. Our opening hours will be the same as Proud Lions, as Ben has to be there for us to gain access (at least for the first 3 months just whilst we get to know each other and insurance things get sorted out) We are not going to be able to open 6 days a week (Proud Lion is are shut on Sunday's), because we're still going to have to slog at the cinema to pay our rents on our we are looking at opening Thursday's, Friday's and Saturday's. Ben has told us that these are the busiest days at the comic shop anyway so that's good.
Now we have to get our head around stuff like registering as self employed and opening a business account....serious stuff!!!
We've got a lot to learn but both of us want this soo much that I'm sure we can make it work!!
I'm soo grateful to Ben for giving us this incredible opportunity!!!
If any of you lovely people have any hints, tips or advice please please let me know!!!!
Right...onto a more crafty note....i ordered some buttons from Sarah. i went for a mixed bag of yummy flowery ones, when they arrived they were in the awesome envelope that you can see in the pic!! I've pinned it up in the sewing corner...
I read Sarah's blog and id recommend her if you were thinking of buying anything from her. really quick postage and a great product too!!
I also got this lovely cosmetic purse from Emma. i sent her an old sew hip which i was finished with, she had been trying to find it for a while, and she kindly offered to send me this lovely as a thank you!!!

Its got really cool sparkles on one corner.

and a really cute heart charm on the zip. Thank you Emma!!

O.K That's all for now. I'm going out for dinner in a bit and I've just seen the time!!! ahhhhh!!! after dinner we're going out as a good friend is up from Manchester and well....i think we need to celebrate!!!!
Take Care my lovelies!


  1. Have fun celebrating, I think you deserve it! What brilliant news, it all sounds like it's slotting into place so well. I reckon in a couple of years all your reader will be going round saying "Well I knew her BEFORE she was famous" lol.

    Have a great night, Mel xxx

  2. Well done! I would suggest starting off with your local Business Link people - they are full of helpful advice regarding start-ups and they are free. You can look them up in the yellow pages or online for your nearest one. Arrange a meeting with them, go armed with lots of questions and away you go!
    Good Luck!

  3. How exciting ! All the best - when I'm passing that way I will look to visit.

  4. Wow - that is so exciting. I'm so pleased for you! You're living the crafty dream! And you and El will have so much making things to fill the shop :o)
    Congrats x

  5. Oooh such exciting news!! Can't wait to come and see you all set up! Good luck xx

  6. Wow that is a great set up and a really good rate too! Looking forward to reading how it all progresses!

  7. That is super news! I'm glad its all gone well for you so far - you are super lucky! I will have to come and visit when your shop is up and running! I must say i feel a little jealous - this is every crafters dream. £200 a month is a bargain :D

    Hope you can take pics, like before and after. Would be interesting to see :D

  8. Congratulations!! Your very first brick-and-mortar store. How very exciting!
    Have you decided what to call your shop yet? How about the deco?
    Ohhhhh! Take lots of pictures after you're officially opened okay? =D

  9. Congratulations Bex, thats fantastic!! Hope everything goes well keep us all informed. Glad u liked the gift :) xx

  10. that's sooo exciting!!! i'm so jealous!!! i have wanted my own little shop ever since i was a tiny girl! good luck ladies!! xx