Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A Second One!...

WOW! Thank you all for the lovely comments about the coin purse. i have run it past El and we've decided to take your advice and we've put an order in for some more clip frames. to test the water i managed to prise my little paws off of this beauty and have listed it up on our folksy shop...please can i keep it??? Plllleeeeaaassseeee!!!
i had another crappy day at work (please excuse the language) today i was politely informed by an ohh so charming customer that i only get paid five pounds an hour so why should i care?!ohh yeah and the he said "shut up. im not talking to you anymore" so i got a bit upset but remembered all the words of advice you guys gave me before and i soon cheered up....and the big boss manager told him off to...which helped!!
Before i go i have an idea to run past you lovelies....I'm going to organise a craft night called "CRAFT NIGHT IN" (hehehe get it??) its going to run alongside the Lovely Little Cheltenham Craft Fairs
Basically...its a craft Stitch and Bitch clubs but not about knitting so much. a night when crafty people can meet other crafty people and eat some cake, drink some coffee (or wine....) and spark some creativity. my plan is to see how the first one goes and then I'm going to book a room for the same time every month. once they get going i hope to have group projects. when it gets to this stage i think I'll give the lovely people who come a shopping list so that they can bring everything they will need to make the project. well that's it...what do you think? silly idea or fun idea??
Right...dinner time!!
Take Care


  1. The guy was an arse...hopefully (and normally I dont like bad things to happen to people) But he did fall off his bike on his way out of the building. Your super dont let people like him bring you down x

  2. Gorgeous purse and the previous one too. Ah customers, awful at times aren't they! Luckliy I haven't had to meet customers for over 20 years. I am better suited to working for myself from home. I used to speak out my mind and that didn't do!
    I hope that you are feeling better and that the customer's comment seems distant.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  3. Yay - glad you took our advice and put these up for sale. I'd def be interested in one like the blue one you made.
    I'm glad your boss stuck up for you - that customer sounds like a nightmare. I used to work in the cafe in Sainsburys and people treated me like an imbecile. Why are people like that?
    I love the idea of the craft night in - think its fab if you can get enough people. Only wish I lived near enough to come along!

  4. Love the colours of that purse! Don't worry about snotty customers...I usually just be super super friendly as lovely as can be back to really confuses them! x

  5. Oh ignore the horrible man! A lot of men are vile to women as well, I don't know if you've noticed that but I often find they talk to my male colleagues with respect but me like I'm a piece of crap on their shoe...

    The purse is lovely (bet nasty man couldn't make it!), hope it sells quick :)

    Mel xxx

  6. Some people.........just rise above it, he's not worth it, toss pot.
    Crafty evening sounds like a fab idea.

  7. Love that purse, order the biggest frames you can find and make bags from them. Put me fisrt on the order list, yes to the craft club aswell.

  8. Hi Bex!
    Argh - the customer sounds like a complete idiot. Something like that happened to me before too. But what doesn't hurt us ('tho we might be temporarily upset) will make us stronger right? =D
    I love the coin purse! It's cute =). And although the yellow is polka dotty =D, i prefer the green as the colour is too sweet to resist! And the lining is so lovely too =).
    Btw, thanks for the link! But from what I gather from the website, they don't deliver internationally. Lucky you, able to buy wonderful scraps from that website =) There's a local online site that sells some of AMH's fabrics, and I'm waiting for the price to drop. Waiting very very patiently =D

    xx toodles

  9. Great purse, it's so cute!

    Customers can be so mean, it's really hard to bite your tongue and not be snipey back. I nearly got fired last year for telling a customer to go elsewhere if he wasn't happy. Now I go the other way, I say 'you're welcome' to people who don't say thanks, I embarrass rude people by being really nice and polite to actually works quite well.

    Great idea on the craft night, especially having people from different crafts, people will learn loads from each other that way.Good Luck

  10. This purse is wondeful, just like the blue one! Looking forward to seeing the other colours too :) Like i said last time, its certainly nothing ive seen before. You usually only see metal coloured frames.

    And that guy better watch who hes talking to - i reckon you'll be famous one day if you keep going like you do. I mean, you're in local shops, selling online, running craft fairs (and craft nights! Great idea btw :) Wish i were local!!). You have great potential, so please do not let people like him bring you down, you know hes not worth the lint in your pockets!! haha! You can do it Bex! We all know you can :)

  11. Hi Bex
    i love the little purse it is so sweet, just ignore that pants customer, its a shame we cant all gang up on him and tell him what we think of him!!
    Ive changed my blog again, i dont think it was looking right before, i like it better now!!
    felicity xx

  12. Squeal! Your purses are darling! I'm new to your blog and had to browse a bit. You dust bunnies are delightful. I love your style.