Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wonderful News....And A Little Spoiler (So Dont Look Too Closely Steph!)

Hello!!!! How are you all??? I'm on a bit of buzz today...after yesterday going soo well (seeing mine and El's stuff in the shop) we put the extra stock we had on our stuffednonsense folksy shop....El finished doing about 2 hours ago...and guess what?!!! we've sold TWO monsters all ready!! AND to a returning customer as well!!!
So on a high, i came back from work and finished off my Freestyle Swap which is loooonnnngggg over due!! Ive taken some (what i hope are ambiguous photos) so that you can have a peak!!
I hope Steph likes these!! I'm a bit worried because the wonderful items that she makes look so professional...I'm not sure how my little makes will look next to hers!!
Anyways....its a friends birthday so I'm going to go out and sip a lime and soda!!! how exciting!!!
Take Care!


  1. Woooo well done you and El! That's really good news.

    Looks like you've made some gorgeous stuff for the swap, mine needs finishing off ASAP!

    Mel xxx

  2. The shop is looking fab - well done!
    Enjoy your evening out xx

  3. Hi Bex,
    i think all the sewing you do looks professional, and its great news with the shop, you make me want to sew something, not sure what though!!! xx

  4. Thank-you, Thank-you & Thank-you ! ...all your gifts are so lovely...and you are so very clever too ! I hope your parcel should arrive tomorrow in the post for you to enjoy over the w/end and I shall post photos of all your lovely gifts over the w/end on my blog too. Take care :)

  5. Looks great - love love love buttons!!! x