Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Id like to start this post off by saying a big thank you to all of you for your comments on the last post. they really cheered me up and restored my faith in society.
Today El and I took our stock to MADE in Cirencester...we were both a bit nervous because we weren't sure what they would take. There was no need at all for us to be nervous as they took almost everything (apart from a few brooches and a few tartan tearaways but that was only because we had brought a few too many of them) When we got to the shop we were having a look around and guess what??? we saw some of our stuff out all ready, we had given them some samplers and they had put them out on display. it was such a wonderful feeling to see our stuff out on display, i was very proud !! And i was even more proud when they told us that some of our samples had all ready sold and that they had some money to pay into our account!!! They loved the dust bunnies...which is good because i would have been annoyed if i had sewn 32 pairs of eyes on today for nothing!!!! El took some pictures on her phone....

After we had dropped of our lovelies we went for a wonder....i decided that i HAD to go to the button shop that sells buttons by the scoop because i didn't have enough little buttons...(hmmm I'm pretty sure that was a big fat lie! and we found some purple and some red hounds tooth fabric for 4 pound!!!...you cant see the purple to well here but its a really bright shade.

Right...I'm off to have a drink and celebrate having a shop with our stuff in!


  1. yay congratulations to you both! Love the pics of the dust bunnies en masse, it's like a mini revolution!

  2. Congratulations!! You definitely deserve to celebrate. Those dust bunnies look great xx

  3. Well done ! Let me have your details to forward your freestyle blog goodies too :-)

  4. Hi Bex,
    I love your dust bunnies, I used to work for RBS/Natwest and people were horrible all the time, the amount of grief I used to get. people can be so horrible, xx

  5. That's great news! When I'm next in Cirencester I must pop into Made and take a look at your goodies!

  6. wonderful news! the dust bunnies look great, glad things are looking up after your last post, sounded like the worst day. bx