Tuesday, 2 June 2009


I mentioned in my last post that it was my birthday on Monday and that we were going to go to Bath...which we did. it was such a lovely day and i had the best time! We went with a few of our friends...we laughed...we shopped...we drank in a few beer gardens...then we came home and i got surprise presents!!
i had some from Arthur in the morning ( the first sandman book, an Agatha Christie graphic novel and a cool t-shirt with a button design which Arthur had drawn on,) which i was more than happy with!! but El, Jon, Dave and the rest of the fairview guys (Johns other house mates) had brought me some lovely presents including...in the top left you can see the two books arth brought me. Fairview wise...next to them on the right is a 'gansta rap coloring book' (which is hilarious!) and a cute ladybird notebook...at the bottom are some cute postcards which were also from the guys at fairview.
But the most amazing present was.....

A DUST BUNNY T-SHIRT!! El drew the design and took it into a shop in town to get it printed!! how amazing is it!! the black print has a kind of velvety feeling to it. i am well and truly in love with it!!! we are going to look at getting a few more designs printed for the shop...see how much it costs first!

So that's my birthday done....I'm having a party on Saturday and i really hope the weather holds out because there's going to be a BBQ too! (and a some swing music in a local park before hand...its free apparently!)
I played around with my sewing machine and a pair of socks today....

And made this cute little lady. she is called Dotty Sue...Ive had to put her straight into the stock bag i have for our shop because i could feel myself getting too attached!!

Shes sporting one of our brand new tags which we printed our self. We brought some the fabric printer paper and its worked a charm. we decided they would look cool if we sewed them on quite scruffily...kind of adds to the charm...

Righto... i can smell lunch cooking so I'm going to go check its not burnt!!
Take Care


  1. what lovely presents - happy belated birthday! Dotty Sue is very cute indeed, especially her patch on her eye and I love your homemade tags they work very well. bx

  2. You bunny t shirt is amazing I love it
    As for Dotty Sue I think I am in love.
    Do you sell them ?

  3. Ah great presents, sounds like you had a lovely time for your birthday...loving the t-shirt I'm sure they will sell a treat!! Dottie Sue is very cute and the new tags look great.xx

  4. Happy Belated Birthday - hope the weather holds for Saturday !

  5. Happy birthday to you.. squashed bananas and stew, bread and butter in the gutter, happy birthday to you.... or something like that!

  6. Lovely birthday celebration and gifts! I esepcially love th postcards, and of course, the adoh-ra-ble dust bunny tee :)

    Good on you for putting Dotty Sue straight into the stock bag. I would not have the willpower to do the same ;) she's super cute :)