Thursday, 11 June 2009

Has it really almost been a week??

i think i should start off with an apology for not being around that much. i feel like Ive neglected my 'ol blog a bit and also that i have been struggling to keep up with all of the other lovely blogs i follow (whos silly idea was it to run a craft fair, move house AND open a shop all withing 2 weeks of each other....hmmmm?). I'm all caught up now tho' so fingers crossed i wont feel like I'm being rubbish anymore!!
Even tho' Ive been away from the laptop for a while i haven't been laying about idle! El and I did a fair bit of work with regards to shop business....public liability insurance, product liability insurance, going self employed, coming up with a floor plan for the shop, finding suppliers and other such ridiculously exciting things! (no....I'm not being sarcastic...honest....)
And of course we've both been on a non stop stock making mission...hence the reason why on my evening off last night i spent 2 and a half hours sewing dustbunnies bums on...and then their eyes (which i have only just finished this morning.) But we're now the proud owners (until the shop opens) of 26 dustbunnies! PHEW!!
Here they all are posing for a group shot...if you've read about dustbunnies on this blog before then you know that to have 26 dustbunnies all together out in the open is quite a rare thing...normally they hide from humans and prefer to watch us living our lives from behind books, cups and saucers and other such things...
There are a few slightly bigger than normal bunnies in this lot...i like the one on the left with his flowery button eyes!There are also some smaller than normal ones...i think i might be a little bit taken with the blue one!And i also used some crazy bright buttons as eyes on a few...

Well...I'm afraid that's me stitched out for the rest of today.i think I'm going to put together some packs that el and have been brainstorming for the shops...more on those later!!
Take Care M'Dears


  1. Nice to see you, I though you must have been busy, busy, busy, so I will just wave and say see you when you come out the other side!

  2. Look at all the bunnies! I think my favourite would have to be the green one with the matching gree eyes!

    Heres me yapping on about a market stall taking up my time, you have a SHOP as well as a craft fair! lol. Hope you take some piccies soon (or maybe ive missed some, will check your older posts, really sorry i haven't been keeping up :( )

  3. I love all the different fabrics and buttons you have used
    : )

  4. Awesome bunnies! And how nice of them to delurk to take part in a group shot :)
    all the best with ermmm... everything - craft fair, move house and new store :D

  5. well done ! Looks like things are moving on...looking forward to the grand opening !