Friday, 19 June 2009

Dont You Love Days Off?...

Thank you for all of the lovely comments about Katya (that's what i have decided to call her...hope that's not too obvious
I had yesterday off from Cinema work but that doesn't mean that i had the day off from StuffedNonsense work!!
I managed to make another sock monster, do 2 new shadow boxes AND varnish 2 of the frames i had done already as well as one of the new ones. I only have one which needs a few more layers of paint and that's because i did something different with buttons and paint on the frame...I'll show you properly when they are done! Pretty good days work i reckons.... (ohh yeah and Arthur and I signed the contracts on our new house....yayyyyyyy!!!!)

He's called Lionel and he likes to go disco dancing...
you can kind of see what I'm trying to do with the buttons on the pink frame...we shall see...I like the picture of the skinny monkey. i think that the modern writing on the re-purposed fridge magnets looks really good with the font on the backing paper...

This one makes me laugh because it makes me think of a blackmail note from an elephant...a little bit sinister in a silly way...

I'm not sure if i should have cut out the letters a bit more neatly...ohh well its done now...

I think the little girl on the elephants back looks quite cool...i like her hair.

Lastly...I'm going to try and post a picture of me when i was a child every Friday...i signed up for it over on Dawn's blog. Dawn's blog is ace...and her pictures are lovely.'s a picture of me,my mum and my younger sister (not so younger now!!!) we were on holiday in Devon...i think we were at a Haven holiday park. Check out my hair!!! (whats worse is that i haven't brushed my hair yet so my hair isn't looking that different to what it does in the picture!!)

i think I'm 7 years old here.

Anyways...another delightful ten hour shift at Cineballs...i mean Cineworld...whoops! Have a good Friday!!!



  1. You're so cute! And the toys you make are wonderful! Kids and adults like me would love them to bits!

  2. I love lionel:) And those frames are great. The pink one steals my heart, I just love all those buttons on the outside.

  3. Something over for your at my blog x

  4. i just found your blog-i love your makes soo pretty

    hope you have a lovely weekend


  5. Lionel is lovely! Love the expression on his face, looks kinda cheeky!

    The pictures and their frames are a wonderful idea! Would look great in a kids room on the wall :D

  6. sounds like you had a busy day off! i love lionel's face and little mane and ears - too cute x

  7. Wow - you've been so busy! It all looks amazing, that shop is going to be great! As always I love the toys best and Lionel is so cool! Good work xx

  8. Love the pictures and the frames!!!
    And a great idea to post pics as a kid everyweek x