Thursday, 2 April 2009

Did I Mention That...

I LOVE..Arthur. he brought me these super fantastic shoes as an anniversary present (i was happy with the flowers! but these are definitely welcome!!)
Winning a give away on a blog and then getting the bag that i won in the post!!! (i missed the parcel man delivering Arthur went to pick it up and brought it in to me at work....a very welcome distraction from a 12-10 shift!!)

Great Charity Shop finds...the little red book on the right is an address book with the coolest illustrations....for 1 POUND!!

And i also love blogging and seeing what other crafty types are doing. thank you to everyone who reads my blog and comments. every comment means something to me!


  1. Loving the shoes you lucky devil!
    Always great to get parcels, love snail mail!!

  2. Bex I think the address book might be by this lady Helen Dardick
    if it's not her it's very similar!
    louise x