Thursday, 9 April 2009


I figured id go ahead with my happy Easter message today because I'm working all weekend...its alright tho' because i have Monday off and so does arth too!! I'm sure that many of you lovely organised people have done the Easter egg thing (or the crafty equivalent) but i thought id post about a great offer on at whitards. if you buy one of their mugs you get a free Easter egg and it comes all wrapped up. arth and i went their today and brought one for each been sneaky and already decided which one i wanted. Take a Look...

(please ignore the fluff on the sofa!) i chose the cute pink polka dot bird mug and arth chose one with a funky rainbow pattern!! i think this is a great deal because you pay around 4pound for a cadburys one that comes with a mug and the mugs are no where near as cool as these ones!!

see.. mmmm chocolate doughnut!! you can see a new tartan tearaway in the top right corner of that picture! i made another 3 today, phew!!! I'm panicking about not having enough stuff for the craft fair so for now arth has to live with whirlwind type thing sitting at the sewing table in the corner of our living room...spare a thought for him! know what I'm going to say....

Ive got to go to work soon so im going to sign off.i think tomorrow i am going to make Easter cornflake cakes for people at work....and for me of course...



  1. Love the mugs!, and yes Bicester is in Oxfordshire so not far for you. I'm in Swindon! - haven't been to Cheltenham for ages. Have a great Easter!

  2. Cute mug Bex, the donut looks yummy too, enjoy your Easter weekend.
    Take care.

  3. Happy Easter :)

    Your mug is as sweet as!

    I'm sure you'll have plenty of stock. You'll probably have more than you think!

    Have a super weekend, regardless of work :)

  4. Lovely mugs, Happy Easter Bex. xx

  5. Aww that mug is too cute. Happy Easter to you too and I hope you have a lovely Easter Monday off work.

  6. Sounds like a great deal there, we may have to take a peek in Whittards! I haven't done any easter decorating either but at least you have an excuse of being so busy ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Mel xxx

  7. Yummy easter treats! I Love the funky rainbow mug, very funky!!
    B x