Thursday, 23 April 2009

Spare a Thought For My Poor Ol' Sewing Machine...

Phew!!! I've just finished sewing 11 coin should have heard the noises that my poor old sewing machine was making by the end of it all. but at least i now have a nice round 15 for the craft fair.I think there are some lovely combinations here...i just hope that the people who come on Saturday think so too!!
I had a late night last night....making jewellery!! ohh yeah!! i know how to have a good time!! are some of my favorite necklaces from yesterday...but there are lots more...
The one in the middle has buttons which are a lovely shade of green...i think they work well with the brown buttons. I think that the coral coloured buttons on the white necklaces are lovely too....i have a few of them left!!
Right...time to make the zip pull for the coin purses...i must have been wicked because i don't seem to be getting any rest!!
Here's a picture of a caterpillar i took today...i wonder what he will look like as a butterfly??See you soon!!


  1. wow bex, you work hard! my sewing machine is 15 yrs and according to the man that occasionally services/fixes it is still better than any you could buy today so the old ones are the best!

    love the necklaces. x

  2. Love the little pouches, and the button necklaces too! Good luck on your craft fair!