Wednesday, 29 April 2009

New Pretties...

Hi everyone. Ive had the day off today so El came over to make some button jewellery for the shop in Cirencester. We are going to take our stuff over there on Tuesday coming....eeek!! it still kind of scares me that they want to sell it. What if they change their mind? or What if they don't sell any of our stuff?'s the necklaces that we made today...

This one is actually red and blue..not the funny browny orange colour it has came out as here.

And this one is actually blue and dark orange but the colours didn't come out fantastically.

And this one is purple and yellow...believe it or not!!

This one is made from some of my shell buttons, which means some of the buttons are probably really old.

I like this one...its kind of nautical and the three buttons in the middle look cool because they are squares...i think they kind of set the whole thing off.

I quite like this kind of design for button necklaces. the extra line of buttons on the back gives it more of a structure. some of them look quite short here but they all rest at about collar bone height... the shell one is a little bit longer tho'. The necklaces were quite popular at the craft fair so fingers crossed these will go down well in Cirencester.

Ive had the day off of work today and I'm glad of it (it means i can hide from people). Last night we went to a staff preview of Wolverine, i absolutely loved it...don't get me wrong it isn't going to get any best film awards but i genuinely think that it was a good portrayal of the history of Wolverine. I love X-Men and do not call myself an expert in the slightest, nonetheless i thought that seeing never on screen before Marvel characters was fantastic. who cares if dead pool turns into some crazy unbelievable monster that can shoot lazer's from his eyes?? HELLO!! your watching a film about a man who has metal claws that come out of skin!! I dont think believable characters are a huge issue!! as you can probably one of the few people at the cinema who did enjoy it. Whats annoying is that people have asked me if i liked it and Ive said yes...but the people just turn around and say "yeah...but you only like it because of Hugh Jackman" THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!

Phew, i hope that doesn't a) bore anyone and b)offend anyone from work!!

Right, I'm off to see if i can coax my sewing machine to work properly...wish me luck.



  1. Hi Bex,
    Love the new necklaces they're fab!!
    Can't wait to see new Wolverine movie, and I'm one of those saddo's as I love Hugh Jackman, Mmmm and on a big screen-sorry eyes glazed over at the thought of him!!!
    Have a fun evening, I'm gonna be stitching as deadline looming!!
    Emma x

  2. Nice work - these are gorgeous! I particularly like the top one and the shell one. Hope the shop appreciates them :o)

    Hope my rambling email made sense x

  3. Hi Bex
    I love the necklaces, I like the shell button one best!! hope the sewing machine works!!!

  4. Hi Bex
    Love the necklaces I'm sure they'll sell well, especially the paler ones, they are perfect for summer.

  5. I'm sure they'll do really well. It's hard going in the early days, and always nerve wracking as it's your own work and creations, but Cirencester is a good 'affluent' town with lots of tourists so you should be OK!

  6. Those necklaces are lovely and I'm sure they will go down a treat. I'm loving the bracelet you made!

    Glad to hear Wolverine is a good film, I've seen clips and whatever on TV and wondered. Just hope I understand it or I'll be asking Andy every 5 mins who's who and what's going on!


  7. Lovely necklaces -the shell one is gorgeous !