Monday, 13 April 2009

I Love Car Boots!!

Hello!! I'm back after a busy Easter weekend at work!! whilst working over the weekend a friend told me that there was a car boot on Monday and that it wasn't too far....just by the race course. so we decided to go...we got to the race course but couldn't see a car boot...we wondered around in case we had missed it but still couldn't find i pounced on some passers by and asked them for directions. it turned out that they were going to it too, and new the way. turns out that we had to walk out of cheltenham to get the car boot. but it was well worth it, and the exercise did me good!!! look what i found!

of course....buttons!!

and fabrics, all of them have patterns on them but most of the patterns are little flowers so you cant see them too well here. i think the lady who was selling these had just recently lost her mother and was selling her mums patchwork supplies, i told her that i would put them to good use. i got these lovely green/grey buttons, and little card of pearls from the same lady. it all came to 1 pound!!

a pretty book of poems, i love the yellow and black print.

arth found a copy of clever Polly and the stupid wolf, a book he loved as a child...and still does love. his mum uses it when she is teaching and her copy is getting a bit tatty so we brought this too. both books cost 50p!

Then i found these white converses with a white and pink tongue for....1 pound!!!!

i also got a little guillotine but i didn't think it would make a very interesting picture so i left it out. all in all we spent...4.50p!! well worth the long walk.
well done to Emma loves stitching, shabby chick and Katrina. if you can email me your addresses i will send them out to you, its
Righto' that's all for now, I'm glad that all you lovely people had a great Easter!! I'll be back soon with some pretties hopefully!


  1. £4.50? Shocking! Now that's a great heap of bargains, well done! I really should get to my local one and see whats around :D

    :o I didn't realise i would be part of the Pay It Forward! YAY! I'll need to add the PIF post to my Blog! Thanks so much!!

  2. That's great car booting, love a bargain.
    Will e-mail you in a bit, have a great Monday!!

  3. That's a good ammount of stuff for 4.50, I really need to go to one! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets obsessive about crafting, by the way...
    Kim xx

  4. You got some great finds there :) We were really disappointed with the car boot we went to today. Will email you my address in a sec and post up the pay it forward on my blog!

    Mel xxx

  5. Thanks Bex! Don't worry, I will put a note and count it as the next three, wouldn't be fair for you to do it twice. The sale today was in a bit of a cruddy town to be honest but we didn't make our usual one so thought we'd give it a try. Hopefully next week there will be more luck in the normal place!

    me lxxx

  6. great buys! - we went to that exact one but on Saturday morning. I got a whole load of buttons for £3.00 and about 60 terracotta mini pots for a £1.00! Will try to get to that one again soon. Thanks for your address, will get creating now!

  7. Lucky you, I used to love car boot sales but all our local ones packed up. I'm hoping the credit crunch might see their return!
    I have two books in the same series as your poetry one, I bought them for the covers more than the contents, I'm not really a poetry person :)