Saturday, 18 April 2009

Two Episodes of Deadwood and....

Bonjour!!! How are you all??
I had a productive night yesterday. I finished work at 6 and neither me nor arth could be bothered to cook soo (Shhhhhh don't tell on me) we had fish and chips!!! YUMMY!!!

Afterwards i felt a bit lazy so i made these fellas...
in front of two episodes of deadwood! i love this TV series and it makes me grateful for arths love of all things western cos i wouldn't have ever seen it if it wasn't for him!!
I've finally brought some batteries for my camera so i thought id post you guys some pictures of mine and els recent trip to cirencester...
First stop was this fantastic,wonderful,marvellous shop....(did i mention that they are going to sell StuffedNonsense stock?!!) We dropped some of our stock in for them to have a look at and they asked us lots of question which we must have answered OK. we thought it went well so we stopped of here...
The Brewery Arts Centre for a celebratory cup of tea and coffee.....and cake....and a scone...
We were still on a bit of high after this so we went for a wonder around the shops and we came across one called Lexy Loves.....ohh my god!! i don't know about Lexy loving it but Bex definitely does!!!!
Look at this!!!!
O.K. the picture isn't too good. but those jars you see there?? they are packed full of lovely bright funky buttons!!! the idea is you take a scoop....pick out your favorites....and take them home for 3 pound a scoop. i don't think its too much really...the buttons are really unique and half the fun for me was picking out the ones i wanted. the shop also stocks great trimmings, fabrics and books as well as lots of homemade cuteness. if your local i would strongly suggest popping in...although hands off the buttons!! they are mine OK??
Righto'!! time to go and have a cup of tea and some millionaires short bread. I should be posting quite a bit over the next week, Ive booked it off so i can make and get ready for the craft fair (sorry to mention it again!!)
P.S. Eloise...if you are reading this...Ive done the pay it forward thing to the people who commented after you but do not fear!!! i have a little something for you....i was going to offer you 25% off of stuff on the stuffednonsense stall next Saturday?? sound OK to you??


  1. Thanks Bex, and good luck tomorrow to you too! Have just made over the made over cabinet again quickly, if you fancy a look I've edited my post :)

    mel xxx

  2. I have a trip to cirencester this week and might just have to pop in and see your stuff! The lexi loves shop is where I found that flower shpaed yoyo maker.

  3. Cirencester looks fabulous, just from those 3 photos. I feel like I'm in the wrong part of the country! Not long til the fair now! Good luck and take lots of pics!

  4. Hello Bex,
    Looking forward to making you some lovely things for our blog swap organsied by Silkie Sue, will be in touch shortly :) Love the blog and buttons too !

  5. Thanks for doing a PIF! I am finishing mine up now but when I was looking for more handmade items done for a pif I had a hard time finding them. I started a flickr group to showcase items and encourage more people to do one.
    Would love to have your items added!

    Thanks! Happy 2010!