Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Mice and Coin Purses...

I've been busy already today!! I cut the fabric for 11 coin purses....
My fingers are now have a scissor shaped indentations on them!! ouch!!
I also thought i would post a picture of some new creations i came up with yesterday. They are called button mice and they scurry along collecting up lost and forgotten buttons. They keep them all in pretty jars inside their little mouse holes. I'm quite taken with these...they are super easy to make and i think they look quite cute.

They have pretty buttons on their sides...this one has a heart on it...although it is brown and you cant see it too well here.

They have tails made from string and the tails have a button tied onto them. i think this one looks cute and a bit confused as to why I'm taking a photo of it!

Well....i don't think there will be any making in the park today, its a little chillier than i think its going to be button necklaces and bracelets inside.

Tomorrow is going to be all about sewing those coin purses together and sewing some bibs!


See you soon



  1. So cute! I'm sure they'll do really well.

  2. I love the mice, so cute, they make me think of bagpuss, oh you'll have to make a pink stripy one!! he he!! xx