Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sunshine Sunshine Sunshine!!

Phew!!! Ive been taking full advantage of the lovely sunny weather we have had. All the windows in the flat are wide open washing is drying outside. lovely....
Ive been crazy busy for the craft fair. yesterday and today el and i took the sewing to the local park....
I look like a ten year old here!! short legs!!
It was lovely...although we did get some funny looks from passers boy and some lovely chavs informed us that we were boring!! As a result of our sunshine sewing we have...

(left to right) a stripey little monster, a little baby monster to go in the pocket of a bigger one, a happy cat, a super cute little plump, and a giraffe. not bad i reckon!! oh yeah...and there was a little bit of sun burn.

Today wasn't as productive...i took some dust bunnies to make and as they so often do lots of them didn't work and i ended up swearing lots...so i came back to els and made some mice and that made me feel a bit better.( hmmm that's a funny sounding paragraph) I'll post some pictures of the mice up tomorrow...so that you don't think I'm a complete nutter.

Right dinner time!!!

see you soon



  1. How lovely, sewing in the sun...nothing could be nicer, look forward to the mice pictures X

  2. I'd never thought of sewing outdoors, it sounds good though! Ignore the chavs. Aren't you teeny?!

    Mel xxx

  3. Chavs are boring. They're predictable in that they were rude to you - how much more boring can you get? lol

    Looks like great fun sewing outside! Its about time we had some nice spring weather :) The wee critters look super :D