Thursday, 30 April 2009

Some Pretty Little Sewing Projects...

Hi everyone! Thank you very much for all of the great comments on the button necklaces! it seems the white ones are peoples and el are trying to get the colour combos right so your comments were really helpful.
El and I sold another monster on Folksy the other day, which is fantastic!!!.....except when we went to package him up (Hermes the elephant) we realised there was no way we could sell him, he was just a bit too scruffy!! so we messaged the person who brought Hermes and offered a refund or a new Hermes....the gentlemen who brought him said he did not mind sooo.....

I thought it would be nice to include the little elephant because of all the messing around we did...

They look kind of bemused here!

I also finished one of the gifts for silkie sue's free style swap....this is just a little sneaky peek...hope it doesn't give too much away!!...

And lastly....look at these really cute tins that Arth brought me today...

They were from a new charity shop which opened last week...these were only 50p!!!! I've no idea what i will put in them but i like paisley print so maybe i'll just put them on a shelf and admire them !!!
Right, off to the horrible place that us tummy is grumbling.
See you soon!!!


  1. Those elephants look super sweet!! So cute <3

    50p? Bargain :o You'll soon find something to put in them, any crafter/maker never has enough storage, right? :D

  2. Charity shops are fantastic, I've found loads of great stuff there. A few months ago I got a large brown leather vintage suitcase for only 5 euro, and a beautiful blue velvet vintage dress for 5 quid too. I'm currently hoping to find a new wardrobe at a bargain price, what do you think the chances are though.
    Lovely blog btw...thanks for being a follower on mine