Monday, 27 April 2009

A Wonderful Weekend!!

Hi everyone, i hope you all had a great weekend. I'm just about rested after running around like a loon for most of mine. I promised that i would post about craft fair loveliness and boot fair finds! So here you go...

So you all know about the craft fair on Saturday. it went really well and there were only a few quiet patches. towards the end of the fair, when everyone was thinking of packing up, i managed to persuade some of the lovely ladies to do a swap with me!! boy was i lucky!!! here's a list of what i swapped....
A Fabric Shopping Bag from Sue (Top left), i love the pretty pink roses.

A Gorgeous Pair of Earrings from Liz(bottom left,hooked on the sparkly bracelet) the pictures not great of these but they are droplets and there is a small turquoise enamel globe with pink roses.

A Fantastic Green Beret with Green Buttons on from Scaff (middle Right). This is perfect for me, i love the big baggy beret hats that are around at the moment and green is my favorite colour.

A Pretty Little Lavender Heart from Cara (bottom left, inside the bracelet). Ive put this is my fabric draw which is see through so i can still see it and it will keep some of my fabrics fresh!!

A Whole Stack of Vintage Tea Towels From Sue (bottom right) Sue very kindly gave me these as a thanks for organising the craft fair! how lucky am i?

Last but my no mean least, i got an Awesome Sparkly X-Men Bracelet from Sophie!

I Love X-Men and i was going to buy this myself but she offered it up as a swap. How funky is it??!! that's all of the craft fair swaps mentioned.

My parents came up for the weekend. It was soo good to see them. i live a long way from them so i only get to see them about 5-6 times a year. it was great to have them here for the craft fair. mum was a great help and was outside the strand handing out flyers to passers by!! so it probably thanks to her that there were quite a few customers. Thank you Mum!! Mum and Dad also brought a huge load of fabric and buttons up with them. There's no way i can photograph them all,but rest assured there were some beauties!! Here's a picture of some of the awesome buttons...

some of the ones which mum brought up were my nanas so they are super old!!

On Sunday we went to the boot fair and i came back with some bargains. if you look at the top picture...

Middle Left: a funky yellow/brown colored dish for £1!! I'll probably use it at other craft fairs. Also next to it you can see a complete set of butterfly brooke bond tea cards, for £1 again! I'm going to use them to make gift tags out can also see a great vintage Agatha Christie paper back (for those of you who don't know...i love Christie...especially Poirot ones!!)

Middle Back: a small red leather vintage satchel for 50p!! Ive been keeping my eyes peeled for something similar to this as the one i have is on its last legs. this is great replacement!!

There were of course button finds but i couldn't help myself and Ive put them all in the right jars now!!

Well i reckon i have chewed your ears off enough now...sorry its a long post but it was a busy weekend!!!

Take Care



  1. Hi Bex

    I'm so glad the craft fair went so well! I was thinking of you while I was at work on Saturday and wondering how you were getting on. Sounds like a good day and some lovely swaps too. And some great boot sale finds!

    Hope you're having a good day, Mel xxx

  2. Sounds like the fair was good fun and a great success! Congrats! How long til the next one now?

    And from what I can see in the photo that satchel looks great! Would love a closer sneak peek at it!

    Oh, and i'm looking forward to the postie coming all this week ;)

  3. Glad the fair went well and was a success!
    Love the boot sale finds. Now toby's football matches have stopped, I can now spend my pennies going to them - yipee!

  4. Glad the fair went well - love the buttons !

  5. Bex, thank you so much for my PIF gifts, they are gorgeous! Am wearing the bracelet now, I wouldn't dream of dismantling something so lovely and the purse is great. The card is fab too. THANK YOU!

    Love Mel xxx

  6. Hi Bex, Really glad it all went well. I am LOVING the Sparkly X-Men Bracelet from your swap and also the button mice from your earlier post. So many lovely things...Bx