Sunday, 19 April 2009

Boot Fair Finds!!!

we went to another boot fair today. as always i was on the hunt for more buttons.....and this boot fair came up trumps!!!i found this tin for FIVE pounds...There were soo many lovely ones in here...beautiful flower shaped ones, lovely metal ones, and some great basic brown and black ones which will be perfect for the new necklaces i have come up with.
i also found this beauty for 20p!!! Ive used it to put my pens, scissors and paint brushes in. its now sat quite at home on the sewing table! (please excuse the mess monster that lives under my sewing table...)

I meant to show you this little cup and saucer ,which i found in cirencester, in my last post but i forgot.

I think its soo cute and funny too....i can just imagine a surly dad getting given this on fathers day by his kids and then having to try and fit is big sausage fingers into the little handle!! The purple flowers are really pretty and i love the cursive writing on it too. it only cost 50p!!! pass it on parcel arrived yesterday. it was great because i was pottering around in the flat waiting for arth to come back from work and so i hadn't heard the post. Which meant that Arth came through the front door with a lovely little parcel for me....

Thank you Sarah!!! i love them!! such a great idea!! Ive got one hanging up by our calender and the other is hanging under the button jar shelf!!

To anyone who is in my pass it on....i haven't forgotten I'm just really busy....who's clever idea was it to organise a craft fair...and then leave most of the making until the last week?....ohhh right...that was me!!

Righto'...I'm off to the cinema. we are going to watch Let The Right One In, its a Swedish horror film which is supposed to be great, and cineworld in cheltenham doesn't normally get films like this so we are going to go whilst we have the chance!!!

Take Care m'dears!!



  1. :o A whole tin for £5???
    Thats it, i'm going to a car boot next week! XD Thats seriously good value.

    And the Dad tea cup is so sweet, sort of an oxymoron!

    Those hanging hearts are beautiful, such a lovely PIF :) And what crafter/maker isn't busy? :D

    Have a lovely rest of your Sunday.

  2. Hiya

    Great tin of buttons! Bet it was fun digging around in there and seeing what lovely ones you found. Your china finds are fab too, I have a similar cup and saucer for a Mum but it does seem a strange choice for a Dad!!! Very pretty though :)

    Don't worry about the PIF thingy, I've done nothing towards mine (though I don't have any good excuses like you!).

    Mel xxx

  3. Oooooh I love car boot fairs - I was going to go to one this morning but the sun tempted me into the garden instead. Looks like you did really well!
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog - really sweet of you and very encouraging :o)
    Hope your week planning for the fair isn't too stressful!!

  4. Great boot sale finds! Really pleased you like the hearts. Everyone seems to love them - I supply a shop in Cornwall with them, each one is completely unique as I use lots of different buttons each time.

  5. I love button tins! I really need to find a car boot sale near me, and someone to come with me!!
    glad I found your blog!!
    felicity xx