Thursday, 16 April 2009

Ohhh WOW!!!

Afternoon Ladies. How are you all? I hope your ready for this post....its kind of groundbreaking (for me anyway.)
I don't know if any of you remember but a few posts back i mentioned that El and I went to Cirencester to hand out some flyers for the craft fair, and that one of the shops we went into asked us to bring in some of the stuff we make as they would probably be interested in selling it for us?
Well.......we took some up yesterday and they loved it!!! we took quite a big selection...dust bunnies, tartan tearaways,little snoozes,necklaces,brooches,gift tags,bibs,purses. The only thing they said they wouldn't take was the purses as they all ready have a lady who makes them. The people that work there said the nicest things about our stuff...'beautiful and stunning' were used! I'm so very happy for this opportunity. Its another step along the way to owning our own shop for me and el. i really am soo lucky to have someone like el to partner up on this with. a big thank you to her and a huge thank you to arth for encouraging me every step of the way.
after finding this info out Ive come to a conclusion regarding this blog and where i want it to go. I'm going to use this blog to show pictures of the StuffedNonsense products but if people want to find out more info then they should pop over to the StuffedNonsense blog.
I'm still going to post here all the time like i normally do...just I'm going to try and separate StuffedNonsense stuff from my general craftiness....make sense??
On other news....i had a little meeting with the local newspaper about advertising the craft fair. i really only went in to find out what the deadline was to put an advert in but the lady was sooo friendly....she even took some flyers to hand out and said if she needed anymore she would photo copy them. how nice is that??!! I'm pretty surprised at how quickly i seem to have developed organisational skills!! i cant believe that it only 8 days away! I'm soo nervous that no one will come and keep racking my brains to see if Ive missed anything!!
Well, i guess Ive chewed your ears off enough by now! i haven't got any pics today as I'm on arths laptop...mines gone a bit squiffy so I'm hoping if i leave it alone for a day or two it will stop sulking and start working properly...not that I'm an I.T. specialist or anything.
See you Soon
oh...a massive thankyou to you guys too, your comments have given me soo much more confidence in the stuff i make too!


  1. Brilliant... I am glad they liked your stuff. Maybe that will give me the courage to take some of my stuff down. I am due for a book sort out and have put some aside for you if you want them.

  2. Well done you, it's always nerve racking when you take things in to show people because it's so persoanl to you, Good Luck with your organising for the fayre!
    Emma x

  3. Yay! Thats fab Bex, I am so happy for you. I have been meaning to take stuff to a local gift shop for ages (about a year or so). May be you will spur me on too! Good luck with the craft fair, I'm sure it will be great. I organised one last year so I know exactly how you feel. I can't wait to hear about it.
    B x

  4. That's great news. Which shop is it? We go to Cirencester regularly - I'll pop in and have a look at your goodies!

  5. Wow! Thats fantastic news, well done!! Getting your products into a local shop is a big step for any crafter/maker! (I really hope that one day this will happen to me too :))

    I bet with all the flyers you have handed out and the people you have talked to, you'll be really busy at your fair! I'll look forward to reading all about it :)

  6. Fantastic news! I was so pleased to read this post, you work hard to it's well deserved.

    I hope the craft fair also goes well, which I am sure it will.


  7. That's such great news! I hope you are really successful with it. Good luck with all the preparations for the craft fair too.

    Mel xxx

  8. Well done Bex xx
    Really pleased for you. You work really hard and your makes are fabulous so well deserved :)