Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Did IMention I Love Days Off...

Hello!! I've had a busy day today! a big ol' group of us went to Cirencester today (a village local to Cheltenham. A friend had recommended it as there were quite a few gift shops which would probably take some flyer's for the craft fair.
Which look like this by the way...
El did them (she is a very talented young lady and i am very happy to be working with her!!)

Anyways...the trip went very well. lots of people took some flyer's (apart from one horrible lady who said no because 'if people go to your craft fair they wont come to my shop...'. Jo, the friend who tipped me off, recommended a great shop called MADE, a little shop which sells crafts from local people. They were very positive about the craft fair and best of all asked me and el to bring in some of our stuff as they may be interested in selling it!!! The day was finished off with some...

Great charity shop button finds...

Some interesting cake (Gluten Free Carrot and Walnut hmmmm not sure about it)

Coming home and making some button drawing pins...

Finding a much much much quicker way to make dust bunnies (YAY!! no knitting needle incidents)

And making a pin cushion for el...as a thank you for working so hard on the flyer's.

Phew!!! sorry if i overloaded on the pictures....I'm off to watch the recording of number one ladies detective agency. thank you to the tips for the pincushions. i made els from a lighter fabric and it works a ot better!
See you Soon!!


  1. Hi Bex! Glad Ciren was nice. I hope you waved at Granma's old flat for me. Don't forget to send me some flyers. Ali x

  2. Fab poster! The new dust bunnies look very cute :)

    Mel xxx

  3. Lovely pictures:) THe flyers are amazing. You have been busy girl.

  4. The poster is great, sounds like a successful day out. Glad the pin cushions are working better now.
    Take care.