Wednesday, 25 March 2009

First of the Tea Towel Wallets

afternoon everyone, i hope you are all well. i have a stupid headache today....I'm not too surprised, i went to bed a bit grumpy and stressed out, whenever i do this i always wake with a bad head? maybe it is because i sleep with a frown on my face?? hehehe.

i was grumpy yesterday night because my job at the cinema is really grinding me down at the moment. i know some of my friends from the cinema read don't take offence. I'm just finding it hard to deal with the place at the moment. because it is quite a big chain there are lots of rules which suggest (to me) that they don't trust anyone who works for them. i know that there are some dishonest people which probably work for any of the cineworld cinemas but im not one of them. i kind of take it very personally when we have to follow 'silly rules'. oh dear...i really didn't mean to rant about the cinema. i know you shouldn't moan about your job as there are soo many people around which don't have one but it just got me a bit depressed yesterday.

Anyways, on a less depressing note. i made the first of the tea towel wallets for the craft fair today. I'm pretty happy with it but not 100% (Arthur always says that i am never 100% happy with anything i make!) i think the button goes quite well with the fabric.

i used some pelmet interfacing when i made this and it has given it such a better shape and is soo much sturdier then other interfacing Ive used before.

i was a bit worried that it would be a bit difficult to get any money or change out but i think it should be OK.

Well, there you have it...the first tea towel wallet. i can get a bit obsessed with making wallets once i start...i don't know why it just seems that once i make one i have to make a shed load followers of this blog....i hope you like wallets!hehehehe

Right...I'm going to do some boring replying to emails and other such.

take care everyone



  1. I hope your next shift is a happier one! Great idea the tea towel wallets, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
    B x

  2. Sorry you had a tough day. I guess the big company just sucks all the joy out of working in a cinema. Just focus on your incredible creative talent. If you worked in a more mentally challenging job you might find that you would have less creative energy. Just know you will not be doing it for the rest of you life. ( hug)

  3. ps forgot to say.. love the wallet.

  4. Sorry your day wasn't so great, but that wallet looks great and I love the orange inside!

  5. Love the wallet and the button matchs great:) Hope today is better for you (((Hugs))

  6. Sorry too that you didn't have a great day at work. Hope the headache has gone and try not to frown when you go to sleep think of all those wrinkles.
    Love the wallet, very bright and jolly.
    Take care.