Monday, 2 March 2009

Look at this little monster...

Hello everyone, hope your week got off to a good start...
Today Arth and I went to Pittville Park to look at the animals and flowers (there's a cute little cafe there too and we had hoped to go there but it was closed.) It was lovely, I'm glad we went when we did because it clouded over a little bit once we got home.
i spent a fair bit of today emailing people about advertising the craft fair and stuff, i felt like a proper business lady...I'm not sure i liked it.
After all of the serious stuff i made this little fella for stuffed nonsense... i introduce to you...
Martin the Angry Monster...

He has a big tail on his back but the picture of that came out pants so i haven't put it up. As you can probably see he is an angry little fella, this is because he has short arms and cant reach really he is more frustrated then angry. He likes to sit outside a cafe and enjoy a nice cream long as someone can pour the tea for him (his arms ya'see they aren't big enough to hold the pot!)

I'm not going to putting too much up for sale at the mo....I'm trying to build the stock up for the fair in April. I'm worried I'm going to leave my stall til last minute because I'm organising everyone elses!!
Right, I'm off to put dinner in the oven...pork casserole...yummy yummy


  1. Hello Martin! He looks great :)

    Your day out sounds nice, Mel xxx

  2. I think Martin the Angry Monster is great, especially in the 1st pic with the plant behind him he looks like he's got all this wild hair.
    Glad the organisation for the craft fair is going well.
    Take care.

  3. I think I should get this to have on my desk and scare all the kids into silence!