Sunday, 8 March 2009

Lots of presents made.

Hi everyone, thanks for all of the get well soon wishes. the horrible cold is on its way out, which is a very good thing...obviously.
Ive been busy making up presents here, march is a bit busy, its my sisters birthday and mothers day (so that's two presents there.) i was almost finished but went back a square because i wasn't happy with my mums brooch soooo i made this one which i am happier with.Hope its not too wintery...

Then it was onto Rachel's (my younger sisters) birthday presents,shes going to be 19 soon...makes me feel old!!! Red is her favorite colour so i made a few bits with that in mind...

That's about all Ive had time for this weekend. One of the ladies who brought some dust bunnies from stuffed nonsense LOVED them and ordered 6 more so i finished off them...AND to top the stuffed nonsense business off someone brought Colin as well. BYE BYE Colin!!

StuffedNonsense is going really well at the moment. its great to work with someone else, on the sewing nights me and el have its not like work we just chat and make cool looking monsters.

Well, that's all for this weekend...Ive got to go and register more dust bunnies on folksy PHEW!!
Take Care M'Dears.
P.S. Whats that?.....Nearly 100 posts you say?.....i smell a giveaway!!!


  1. Love the brooch for your Mum, definitely not too wintery, I was thinking how fresh and spring like it looked! Your lucky family!

  2. I'm SO pleased that you El are doing so well, and it's still early days yet! The stuff you've made for your sister and mum are great too. I really like the name Rachel, it was going to be one of little one's middle names til hubby changed his mind in the last couple of weeks of pregancy!

    Mel xxx

  3. Love the brooch, fresh and lovely! Sarah x

  4. I'm glad your stuff is selling so well Bex. Love the pressies you've made, I'm sure your mum and sister will be really pleased.
    Take care.