Sunday, 1 March 2009

A seasonal visitor is on its way....

We went for a little walk today with our pals. we went to a great cafe on bath road called the curious cafe and had tea. There were soo many pretty things to see.
Spring is definitely on the way....

I love crocuses.

At our flat there are even more signs of spring...we planted these about 2 weeks ago....

Its funny...Ive been checking the pots ,for signs of life, on our windowsill religiously for the past week and nothing, i forget today and when we get back from our walk BANG! there they are. perhaps they are shy seeds?? They are from a meadow mix so there could be anything in there!! We're going to plant a some more seeds tomorrow too.

Lastly, we went for a wonder around the charity shops yesterday and Arth brought me this!!! its sat on top of my fabric cabinet and Ive put all of my 'on going' projects in it (or WIP'S??) Its made from wood and a straw type thing...

Right...well you know I'm going to say it....yep that's right....i have to go to work in a bit so I'm going to sign off for now
I'll be back tomorrow!! (day off!!!)


  1. Tiny shoots! Awwww, they are cute somehow :)

    Hope work goes quickly for you! Mel xxx

  2. Crocuses are so pretty. That's what I do when I plant seeds, watch them everyday, just in case, even though you know it's really unlikely they're going to come up the day after you've planted them!!
    Take care.

  3. Great box! I love it when you get given things like a tin full of buttons. I got some from my other halfs auntie. If I remember rightly she said there are more, must remember to ask her when I next see her. Also I am going to Bath in June so will remember to check out Bens cookies.
    B x