Thursday, 26 March 2009

Just a Little Scrappy Thing.

Hello! thank you very much to everyone who commented on my grumpy post yesterday...your comments really cheered me up!!!

I've done a bit of stuff for the craft fair today...trying to find places to advertise the craft fair....i registered it on a website i found which has listings of craft fair....but after that i kind of got stuck. any suggestions?
Whilst puffing out my cheeks and looking at my laptop with a very bored look on my face i made this....

My nan and grandad gave me about 5 metres of this strange fabric type stuff, apparently it is used to make hats stiffer. Jo mentioned what it could be called a few weeks ago but i cant remember what she said!! anyways i like is a little bit scratchy but it will do for my coat. what do you reckon?

Right better be off another one of those annoying 'stuck right in the middle of your day shifts!'

I'll be back soon



  1. I think it might be buckram but not sure. Its for making flowers on hats so maybe I have the wrong name.

  2. How very pretty and what a good use for it.

    Have a good shift.


    show listings of craft fairs.