Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Things That I Like Alot At the Moment...

Afternoon all,
i met up with jo from ThingsHandmade today and we spent a lovely couple of hours talking about all things crafty. i had a great time, and Jo kindly offered to run the kids Arts and Crafts stall at the craft fair, which is very generous of her. thank you Jo.
When i got off the bus in Cheltenham i popped into the Oxfam bookshop and found a little pot of gold. Which brings me on to the post title of things i like at the moment....
RICHARD SCARRY BOOKS...(i know the manager of said bookshop and i think i might have scared him a bit when i screamed after he said 'yeah we have a Richard Scarry book'.) Ive been after one for agggggeeesss. the illustrations are incredible; which was one of the reasons why i wanted one, but i also wanted one because i have memories of going round to my grandmas and me ad my sister reading an old copy of the 'wonderful world of richard scarry.' which was my dads!!i am soo incredibly pleased to have this in my book collection. LOOK...
I also like....
JAM ON TOAST (we brought some posh jam the other day and i cant stop eating on toast.)
And i like this quite a bit at the moment

COFFEE (i used to be more of tea girl....and i still am in the morning....but during the day it has to be coffee for me.)
I especially like....
Finding bargains like this little fella for 50p!!! I'm not sure what i will put in him...but at 50p i couldn't leave him behind. i seem to be collecting owls at the moment....ohh well, i guess there are worse things to collect.

Righto, i reckon that about enough from me today. what about you guys? what are your favorite things at the moment??
Take Care


  1. I love the title, "things I like at the moment", LOL I feel like your alot like me a bit.I do change here and there as well.Last night I must of put on about 5 dif backgrounds on my page and couldnt decide.I think change is good though.I loveeeeeeeeeeee the owl he is so cute.Im into doves now.I started at the end of summer last year.I love doves.For me I love hot chocolate, but of course here in the states we are coming into spring so my taste will change a bit to decaf pepsi, some tea maybe.Always love water in the summertime.Have a great day Bex!

  2. That Richard Scarry book looks great, childrens illustration is always good for inspiration! What am I loving at the moment?....a new duvet crisp and fresh in white and pale blue, the smell of the grass that I cut this afternoon, and my spotty there's an idea :)

  3. i'm mostly liking owls at the moment too!
    i can't stop making them right now and i've even sold a few so that is making me happy!

    love your new book me and kids love his books too, there is always so much to look at in them!

    also i'm really loving my new buckle collection!

  4. Helloooo

    We love Richard Scarry too, we have a book about colours that both girls love but there must be the old big album at Mum's house still from when I was a kid.

    The jam on toast looks tasty, our new super dooper toaster arrived today so I may start indulging in some soon!

    At the moment I am loving the the girls' bedrooms are both (temporarily) clean and tidy, that I have an unread magazine waiting for me and that my big one's little friend is coming to play tomorrow which will make her very happy.

    Mel xxx

  5. Richard Scarry books are fantastic!

    Right now I'm loving buckles and buttons, vintage lace, Japanese crochet, lentil soup, and American TV (Heroes, MadMen....).

    Oh and a new book I'm reading narrated by a dog.

  6. Soooo many memories. My Gran used to read Richard Scarry books to us in bed early in the morning (she was afraid of the postman arriving to find her still in bed - no idea why it was VERY early, no one else in the village was up). My sister and I used to love story time in the mornings and poor Gran had to sit with us for hours. It usually ended with eye spy and some singing. Thanks for the memory Bex, I had almost forgotten about Richard Scarry, I bet my boys would love some. Bethx