Saturday, 21 March 2009

Look who just checked in...

Morning all!!! firstly thank you for the lovely comments about the new hairdo...I'm used to it now and i like it!! (which is good i guess!!)
Ive been busy this morning sorting out the table plan for the craft fair! i think i managed to fit everyone in. if any of you are local please pop over and say hello...if you want. it would be lovely to meet the people who read the jumbled up words i type here!!

i just finished these two creations for the stuffednonsense stall...

This is Black'n'Blue. he is a retired bare knuckle fighter...but has left his violent past behind. he has decided that he would like to grow old gracefully and has found that he has a passion for visiting stately homes. he has lots of plasters on him because he still has a bit of healing left to do!

I'm not sure what this fella should be called....i hand sewed him and i think that makes his legs and arms look a bit lumpy!! what names do you think???
Right...I'm off to pack an over night bag!!(ikea today...bath tomorrow which means Ben's cookies tomorrow!!!)
Have a great weekend and mothers day to all you ma's out there!!


  1. I read that as you're going to have a bath tomorrow, and it took me a few seconds to work out what you meant!!!! I think I ought to go to bed lol.

    I like your newest creations, I hope they sell well. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

    mel xxx

  2. Those are great - I hope they do well at the craft fair. Drop by and leave me your details when you get chance - the kids loved your joke!
    Kim xx