Saturday, 28 March 2009

Second Tea Towel Wallet.

Hi everyone! we had a lovely evening last night. every year we always go the the same restaurant for our anniversary, it is normally a really relaxed place which serves lovely Thai food....except in between this anniversary and the last it must have changed owners because it was very different!! the food was still yummy and we had a good evening but the atmosphere was all different...a bit snobbier.ohhh well things change i guess.

i did some baking today but forgot to take a picture. i think if i had they would of looked quite pale anyway. i made lemon and white chocolate muffins...they taste yummy but they look real pale.

i also made another wallet....its a small one (i thought it was too small but Arthur reminded me that some people like small wallets) its made from the same tea towel as the one i made two or three posts ago...

I'm quite pleased with how the fabric looks in these pictures....nice and vintage. i also like the big flower on the back of it.

i was supposed to but this up yesterday but i forgot. a while back i did a swap with a friend at work. i would make him a monster and he would do a sketch for me. i have the sketch by my sewing table...i think it is just ink. anyway he said that he had coloured the sketch in on photoshop and that he would email it to me if i wanted....what do you think?....

His name is Chris Rixon, the work he does is soo incredibly detailed...i don't understand how he does it!! he said that i had to post a picture of it here and i there you go Chris.

Right...that's all for now i think.
Take Care


  1. Hi Bex,
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, so i thought I'd pop by to say hi!
    Love the wallet's, fabric looks great.
    Your blogs lovely.
    Have a great weekend!
    Emma :)

  2. That wallet looks great, all the placement of the pattern looks so good! That sketch is just perfect for you.

    Mel xxx