Thursday, 19 March 2009

Taaaa Daaaa!!

Soooo...this is me....what do you think? Ive got a bit of a dorky smile on here but it will do. i think i like the new hair its very different to what it was before. i guess that now would be a good time to do an award i got given a while back from Nicky at hollypops. i have to put down seven things i love, here goes....
1. i love Arthur ( four years next week)
2. i love sausage dogs.
3. i love buttons...especially unexpected jars of them..
4.i love my family and everything that they have taught me.
5. i love being creative and making things.
6. i love it when people buy the stuff i make
7. i love my friends.

i have to send this to seven more people :
Bonita at beakycrafts
Bethany at bethany allen.
Mel at country in the town.
Maranda at mandMstudio
Kirsty at CraftyFish
Sarah at the blueberry patch.
Louise at thirtyfive flowers.

o.k. your go now!!!!
oh, just wanted to post a picture of this little found i sniffed out today...
for ONE POUND! and it says Wedgwood on the bottom!! (not sure if its real though) i love the made me think of the 1920's...i think I'm going to use it drink hot chocolate from!!
Right...that's all for now...we are going to go to the flicks tonight...young Victoria or gran torino...
take care


  1. Love the hair! and thankyou for the award, how lovely!

  2. That cup! .... well, you know me !!! x x

  3. Your hair looks lovely! Pretty girl :)

    Love the little cup, what a bargain.

    Thanks so much for the award, you're a star!

    Mel xxx

  4. I think you look great. I like the cup - like you say ideal for hot chocolate yum yum!!
    Enjoy your weekend

  5. Nice haircut, it makes me want bangs(Note to self, you hate it everytime you get bangs) OK I'm over it. But really it looks great. I envy your cup:) And thanks for the award.

  6. Your hair looks lovely, and wow - thanks so much for the award! I feel so honoured.

    Check this out - thought of you when I saw them
    Hope the link works - they are wellies with pictures of buttons all over them!!! How fab is that.