Saturday, 14 March 2009

Just Checking In..

just popping by to see how you all are....i had planned to have done a little bit of something but i lost my temper. i was all organised and cut out and sewed together 10 miniature dust bunnies.....then promptly stuck the end of my knitting needle through SIX of them and had to throw them in the bin!!!!.So i thought id finish a brooch i was making last night....but then promptly sewed the brooch back on the wrong side!! so i got stroppy and didn't do anymore!!! i went to meet Arthur from work and had a big old pork and stuffing baguette then came home and fell asleep on the sofa!!! the snooze was good but i have to go to work soon and i feel like the day has just flown away!!!
i thought i would post about a great giveaway on a lovely ladies blog, her name is Maranda and you can enter the give away here. she sells the most lovely looking fabric....and very often makes me jealous of the fabric goodness at her finger tips!!! Ive got a day off tomorrow and I'm going to try and solve the problem of turning the dust bunnies the right way round without ruining them...any suggestions? and I'm also going to draw the winner of my giveaway!!! hehehehehehe. right until then here's a picture of a chipmunk i took last week.....



  1. I think we all have days like that, sometimes you just have to leave it and go back later. I'm trying to cover a pouffe for someone today and I've just had to leave and I'll go back later!
    Take care.

  2. How annoying - some days just go like that, but's it's a shame it happened at the weekend. Go and have a large glass of wine (or a cuppa!).

  3. Hi Bex, I hope your day improved. I use a chopstick for turning, I use the rounded larger side and occasionally the pointed bit (but only where I have to or I am also prone to making holes!), the rounded larger end also works well for pressing open the seams where you can't iron. Bethx

  4. Awe, I hope tomorrow proves to be a better craft day for you:) I had a bad day last week. I just messed everything up. Totally know how you feel.

    Love the little chipmunk!

  5. What an annoying day! I hope today goes a lot better. I often start getting peed off with things and I know that once it happens it will all go downhill from there and I have to just stop!

    Mel xxx

  6. I do that frequently with knitting needles - so I feel for you :)
    (although glad its not just me that does it!!!)
    Have emailed you my details for the spring swap...look forward to getting your address x