Monday, 22 December 2008

Rush Rush Rush!!!

It seems to me that all of posts are going on about the same things at the moment!! being busy!! so I'm going to shut up about that now and get on with what i meant to post about....

This rather slender young lady is for a friends sisters...

Here she is in all of her glory!!!! (I'm trying to not prod and poke the present which has my name on it!!!.....I'm trying really hard)

She's a little different to the order so she might stay with me if shes too different..she can keep Sputnik company.....ohhh!!! she could be Sputniks other lady mistress!!!What would Sputnika say now!!tut tut tut tut

Well...I'm off to deliver Christmas presents to friend and to deliver some food in my belly

Take Care!


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