Thursday, 18 December 2008

I'm still alive!!!

Just thought i would drop in quickly to apologise for my lack of posting. Ive been really busy since i got back from lynn either at work or making chirstmas presents! and i still cant see any light at the tunnel. On saturday (me and arthur must be insane!) we are going to buy the christmas presents which i cant make!

Today i met with Joanna who has a great blog ( we did a swap as she liked one of the purses which did not sell at the sale and i liked her little tooth fairies so it was logical!! It was a lovely coffee and good to meet with someone who Ive come across thanks to the stuff i make and do.
Just finished a really cool card wallet which someone ordered from me and I'm quite impressed...only a few things id change next time.
I'd love to post pictures of everything up....but Ive left my camera at my friends and still haven't picked it up yet!! I'm losing my mind!!!!

Well.....what more can i say apart

Take Care
x x


  1. Hi Bex, lovely to meet you and hope we can do it again soon. I was so impressed with you pictures, a great sense of quirky colour combinations that really worked.
    See you soon

  2. Hi, thanks a lot for stopping by my blog! I have to admit, we've lived here nearly 2 years and I still love the novelty of having a hall (in our last house you went straight into the kitchen and usually a charming view of the dirty dishes!). I realised after I read your comment that I hadn't posted the picture of the trunk, doh.

    So you're the clever lady who made that gorgeous purse, I thought that was great. Will be back to look at your blog again :)

    Mel x