Saturday, 6 December 2008

Hello from sunny Ol' Lynn

How is everybody?? I feel a bit dissattatched from everything here, mum and dad only have a dial up connection so everything goes really slooooowwwwly. Anyways...The affore mentioned bags of fabric in the last post were full of wonderful stuff!!! I tried taking a picture but it didn't do it justice (I'm really bad at taking pictures!) amongst these scraps was a lovely piece of stripey silk fabric and i was too impatient to wait until i got back to cheltenham to do something with it sooooo i made this!

Hmmmm...doesn't really do it justice but I'm really pleased with it..its the first thing i have ever made which is made 100% from silky fabric. It has two zips and is dusty pink inside. It ties up with a yellowy colored ribbon. Is also supposed to be for someones Christmas present......but I WANT IT!!!

Anyways must dash fabric to cut and things to make!!!

Take Care!


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