Thursday, 4 December 2008

I'm off tomorrow!

I did mean to put pictures of our lovely Christmas tree which we put up today but I'm too snuggled and sleepy on the sofa to go upstairs for my camera (gasp!) So i will post them tomorrow....when i will be back home in Kings Lynn for a week!! wohoooo! Can't wait to see ma and pa and the cat!! The promise of two bags of fabrics from one of the people my mum works for is making it even more appealing!! Its a bit of a surprise trip...i got told i had a fair bit of holiday pay left to take so i decided to take it as soon as i could!!

Anways....time for bed i think...the buse leaves at nine in the morn and i dont get off til half 5!! i'm going to need to manufacture lots of zzzzzzz's to get me through that...
take care

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  1. Have been reading your blog and am impressed! Can you let me have the recipe for the muffins and gingerbread men. Have a good visit to mum's. I'm looking forward to seeing your tree. Al