Monday, 29 December 2008

Hope everyone had a lovely christmas !!!

Back home safe and sound. I had a wonderful Christmas at home with mum, dad and Rachel. Arthur had to work early on the 27th so he went to Bristol to see his family. Christmas in Lynn was a little bit different than normal....more quieter. I guess that's because every ones grown up a bit now...Rachel went to see her boyfriends family in the after she had gone me, mum and dad watched a film and ate too much chocolate!! Perfect!

I got such lovely presents!!! Even though Rachel and I are older mum and dad still hid some of our presents and left us clues to follow in order to get the surprise presents!!! And boy!! was it worth solving my clues....Mum and Dad had brought me a collection of antique china!!! LOOK!!!
It was such a lovely surprise!!!every piece wrapped up in tissue paper!!! i must have packed it up and unwrapped it at least ten times on Christmas day!!! I also got a lovely dragonfly shaped brooch from Arthur which looks lovely but i forgot to take a picture of it!!!
Boxing day was really busy...everyone comes to our house so it gets really busy. We used to all go to nanny's but its a bit too much for her now so everyone piles into our house. It was lovely but i did go and hide with the cat every now and then...Although that didn't work out to well because the cat got all temperamental and bit me...then he bit dad....on the forehead!! (I'm not sure i should have found it as funny as i did!!)
And now I'm back in cheltenham....and the cinema...lovely!!! This bit in between Christmas and New Year always feels out of place for nothing fits in. But its kind of good to think of things that I'd like to try and do in the New Year...i don't want to call them resolutions because that curses them i think!! I'll right more about them later...because I've just seen the length of this one!!!!
Enjoy the rest if the festive season everyone!!
Take Care

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