Saturday, 13 December 2008

Back home safe and sound

Finally I'm home, the coach journey back was a nightmare to say that least...horrible migraine...horrible delays...horrible getting squashed into a replacement taxi to get me into cheltenham an hour later. But i made it!!! it was so nice to come back to the flat last night...i literally collapsed on the sofa!

I did have such a great time. It was lovely to see mum, dad and Rachel. Going to help mum at Clifton House and then going for lunch or coffee. It was great to make some things for mum and Rachel when i was there...mums sewing machine is old but faithful. Here's a picture of everything i made whilst i was at home (in true me style its a rubbish picture!)

The purpley black thing in the bottom left is a make up wrap i made for mum and I'm actually pretty chuffed with it, it has two zips and three compartments and you wrap it all up and tie with pretty ribbon. I cant talk too much about the other stuff because they are Xmas presents!(shhhhhh)

Oh, i said i would post a picture of our Christmas tree so especially for you....

The multicolored mess at the bottom of the tree is a bundle of paper chains put there to hide the muddy pot it is in!! its small and pretty and i like it.

And...just to finish things off we made roasted tomato and pepper soup with bacon was delicious!! (I'm having to stop myself from eating the leftovers which are meant to go in the freezer!!)

Any beckons me!!

Take Care



  1. Glad you are home safe. Dorothy liked the look of your tree. We are going out today to buy one. (Yes a real one!) Have you remembered something for Peach? Dont worry if you are too busy. One week left - hooray! Ali

  2. They look nice things. You must have been busy!