Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Feels good to be back and stitching!!

Afternoon all!! Hope everyone's enjoying this strange limboesque week!!! I've had a really lovely day today....even if i have to go to work soon. Arth and I went to see a film this morning and it was lovely. We hadn't been to see one for so long that i forgot how good it feels to settle down into comfy seat and watch a massive screen bring new worlds to life! We saw Inkheart, i was a bit worried that Brendon Frazer would be a bit...cheesy...but it was really really good!!! I love that feeling you get after a film as well...kind of cozy...i guess i forgot all of those things and got to grumpy at working at the cinema.

Yesterday we made a coffee and ginger cake. I was worried when we were missing it up because it looked like one of those cakes that is never going to be persuaded out of the tin...but when it came to it it just popped out...and tasted delicious!!! We used coffee with rum extract in it...a gift arth got for Christmas. We couldn't taste the coffee that much but it still tastes great!!! Look at it!!! (I'm quite pleased with the photo as well...for once!!) i like to bake often but I'm known for the stuff tasting nice but not looking that wonderful but this gets top marks!!!

I also made a secret request from someone for someone......well i cant say who!!.....then it wouldn't be a secret. I apologise for the pictures when i got round to taking them all the light had gone!!!!!! (i guess its OK to put the pictures up....the person doesn't know about it.....oh dear....what have i done?) Anyway enjoyed making this because I've been holding onto these little bits of fabric and I'm glad that i put them to use for something for the secret person (How confusing?)

Well....I'm off to scoop some popcorn....Tomorrow Chocolate Orange Cookies....and the new issue of Sew Hip!!

Take Care



  1. Mmmm that cake looks gorgeous! Very nice for a wintery treat. Your make looks pretty, I hope the recipient loves it (in a surprised kind of way!) :)

    Enjoy the choc orange cookies tomorrow, they sound divine

    Mel xxx

  2. Hi - I've stumbled on your blog. I'm just down the road in Wiltshire. Love the idea of coffee and ginger cake. Might have to have a go. My blog is www.projectforty.blogspot.com if you fancy having a wee gander. Happy new year.