Sunday, 7 December 2008

Comfortable and Happy at Home.

I'm not sure what to do with all of this spare cinema until Friday no orders or sales to get ready and to top it off I'm at home with my mum and dad and sister in their nice centrally heated house!! (what a novelty!)

Oh did i mention that i have this little man to keep me company when I'm chugging along on mums old sewing machine!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen i give you Blue. He's a charming young man who likes to wake people up at 4 in the morning eating plastic bags by your bed!

Whilst i was talking rubbish to Blue this afternoon i made this for Rachel. Shes at stage school and so always has lots of stuff in her bag like ballet shoes and other such essentials. I thought this would be the perfect size for her and i really like the fabric!

I would post more pictures but it takes quite a long time to load them up! sorry!!

Wonder what i will make tomorrow?

Night Night


  1. hey bex it's dan b (from cineworld) could you possibly make some things for me?
    i neeed a purpley coloured shoulder bag (floral or patterned maybe, i'm not really sure. i trust your judgement on that one)
    those hair clips i saw alix had, could you make 1 or 2 of them also? and one of those button bracelets, green colour? and finally i saw lorna or someone had a really cool raincloud badge, one of those would be nice too..
    let me know how much all that would set me back, and if you can't do anything there. much appreciated!
    ps. the site is really good!

  2. hey dan! yeah none of that should be a problem! When you say shoulder bag do you mean one which goes over the shoulder or one which hangs off shoulder (if that makes sense?)i think that it should all come to 16 pounds but i'l double check when i get home (i cant remeber the price of eveything!)
    i would love to make them for you....(didn't have you down as a purple guy tho'!)