Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Icy days

It was such a lovely thing to step out of the front door today and be inside a winter wonderland!! Arthur and i got up early to get some shopping and i wanted the new issue of sew hip...but it wasn't in the shop (it said the 31st on last months one!!!, but i guess bank holidays and Christmas slow things up a bit.) The frost was sooo thick it looked liked it had snowed!! i took my camera along and I'm very glad i did....look....

Brrrrr...i think it was worth giving myself frost bite on my was such a lovely walk through the park!!!

And...fresh from the oven..... to warm me up...Terrys chocolate ornage cookies!!!! i love this recipe, its actually a double chocolate cookie recipe but last year around chirstmas time i made this variation so i thought i had better do it again because they taste sooo good. They are really oaty as well....that makes me feel healthier..the oats make up for all of the chocolate....right??

eurgh....because its new years eve i have to start work half two!!rubbish!!!

Right i'm off to eat cookies and other such important stuff.

Take Care


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  1. Yum, those cookies look just as good as the cake did!!! Your pictures are lovely, think the postbox and the cobweb are my favourites, they are so striking.

    Happy New Year! Mel xxx