Sunday, 21 December 2008

Not Enough Hours!!!

Phew!!! sooooo much to do!! Why did i decide to make as many chirstmas presents as i could? Silly idea....well no its a good idea but i left it too late to get everything made peacefully and unrushed!! Still only a few things, im pretty sure that i'll still be sewing on chrismas eve!!

So i finally picked up my camera and sooo i have a few pictures for you...

Look at all of these lovely presents!!! i know what they are!!! hehehe...had alot of fun making and wrapping these. Arthur and I finished almost all of it yesterday. i was really worried that town would be bedlam but maybe other people were thinking that and so didn't come in...but it really wasn't that bad. We finished up with a coffee and chocolate mousse shaped like a Christmas pudding!!

I mentioned on a previous post that i swapped on of my purses for one of Joanna's tooth fairies and i promised a picture...

Here she is!! i think i will call her Petunia...that's right I'm 22 and still name things!!! there were so many fairies to choose from i decided on this one because i liked her sleepy eyes and her red dress.

And i thought that it would be nice to put some pictures up of where i do all of my sewing and i think it will better to do them bit by bit so here's a picture of SOME of my button jars..

...Except its more of the things on top of my button jars...the horse was an early Christmas present for me from me...its actually a place name holder and the snow globe was a present from my good friend Sarah.......which i said i wouldn't open until christmas....shhhhhhh....i couldn't help myself!!!!

Well....that's about it...i will pop in before Christmas!!

Good luck with all of the last minute Christmas presents!!!


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