Thursday, 27 November 2008


I was happily sewing along this morning, worrying about saturday and mumbling to myself when there was a little tap at the flat door. Arthur answered it and it was the postman.... Finally my labels have arrived!!What do you think? I'm so happy that they are here in time for Saturday!! It makes me feel really professional to have something with my name on!!

Also...Fresh off the machine today is this little (or big) lovely...

She's made from a lovely woolly fabric which i found for £1 yesterday and there are falling leaves made from brown felt and cotton on the front. The ribbon isn't right I'm going to pop out to sues before work and get something more suitable for it.

Sputiks are done now to! O.K. maybe I should explain. We have a draft excluder that is knitted by Grandma Payne (Arthurs 102 year old great grandma.) This draft excluder is called Sputnik (I have a horrible impulse to name anything new and cute which we get) Sputnik has proved to be quite a hit with all of our freinds (Dave and Shana are the proud owners of Sputnika and Sputkid....yeah thats right Sputniks wife and child) Anyways...there pretty popular at the mo because its freezing!! So I made a few to for the sale.

What do you think?


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  1. I think they look great and that pink bag looks fab.