Monday, 17 November 2008

Something A Bit More Grown Up.

Sorry that they are not in the right order I couldn't get them to play!!! I really like this one!! the patchwork front is made from a collection of samples for sofa fabric I found and the back and lining are from this lovely checkered fabric I found. I'm quite proud of it especially because its the first time that I tried to do piping and I think it went quite well!!! What do you reckon??
I'll try and wriggle a few more out for the sale!!
Hope everyone is ok. Oh,thought I'd let you know that theres a showing of Alfred Hitchcocks 39 Steps on at the cinema's the orginal just on a massive screen!!! Me, Arthur and his Mum are going to watch it!! Come along if any of you fancy it...the tickets are a bit cheaper to!!!

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